Terms and Conditions

We always pride ourselves on being true professionals who are serious and committed to doing business the right way. One of the ways to upkeep this commitment of ours, and to do right by our customers is to follow strictly the set of regulations listed on this page. Commonly called Terms & Conditions, these regulations help customers to better understand their role when entering into business agreement with us i.e. using our cleaning services.

Please take the time and effort to become familiar with our service Terms and Conditions as this will save you heaps of potential frustration and confusion. We know that reading the fine print is real nuisance at times, but being aware of your position as a customer will make life easier for everyone. Our Terms & Conditions outline and regulate you rights and responsibilities as a customer of ours, they also do the same for us as the provider of these services. If by any chance you are unclear about some of the terms listed here, or perhaps you need to discuss a particular clause in detail prior to placing a service booking, by all means get in touch with us and we will explain and clarify right away.